Our Vision

In fulfilling the above mission through REC Ministry, we have the following vision in place with the acronym “DRESS” (aiming at preventing life of nakedness and shame but providing the required fitness, warmth, contentment and godly living to God’s glory)

• Disciplining people of all nation through the Gospel of Jesus

• Reaching out to our community and the world with the good news of Jesus salvation, His grace and fullness of His love to all humanity

• Encouraging those that are in the Lord to continue in the race

• Strengthening the weak with the assurance, hope and strength in Jesus

• Saving the lost and the backslidden to be restored into the unending, precious and fervent grace and love of Jesus Christ

Further Strategies

In accomplishing the above mission and vision, some of the strategies to consider or put in place:

• Consider the Church as a Haven of Peace (HOP Centre) only in Christ (John 14:27, John 16:33)

• Establish Counselling Centres for Marriages, Relationship, Debts, Parenting, Addictions, etc…

• REC to be Missionary, Evangelism and Outreach Focus

• Ministry upbringing/ Establishing various relevant ministries to meet people’s needs

• Educational Institution e.g. Christian Day Centres, Primary, Secondary, Holiday Clubs, Bible Schools/Colleges, Fitness of Gym, Mothers & Toddlers, OAP/Youth Clubs, etc.

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